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Tips for Dental Visit Anxiety

It’s common for patients to feel anxious about their dental appointments. At Advance Orthodontics, we work with you to the best of your comfort. Your smile and care are important to us.

Some tips to help reduce dental anxiety:

  • Speak Up – Ask questions, tell us about your concerns or fears. We’ll help you find the best options for you and your comfort zone.
  • Go Slow – When your appointment begins, take the time to go over the procedures and what to expect; ask questions before anything begins.
  • Use Signs – Communication is important, especially if at any point you feel uncomfortable. Establish the best way for you to let us know when you need a break. Breaks are great to avoid any cramping or general discomfort.
  • Listen to Music – Bring your headphones and connect them to your phone or music player. Sometimes the noises can be irritating and your fave artist or podcast will help you relax.
  • Take Deep Breaths – Practice breathing slow to help relax and reduce anxiety.
  • Sedation – Ask for available sedation options.

Advance Orthodontics always wants your visits to be safe and comfortable for you. Talk to us and we’ll work the best way for your benefit. Call today for an appointment: 713-783-8888 or contact us online.