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Do you wake up with headaches or pain in your neck, face, or shoulders? During the day, do you hear a clicking or popping sound in your jaw? Are you tired of putting up with severe pain that seems to have no reason or cause (other than Houston traffic, that is)? Your condition may relate to an imbalance in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and you may benefit significantly from treatment.

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At Advance Orthodontics Houston, we understand the base causes of the discomfort that you experience from TMJ disorder, and we have many ways to work with you to correct them. Living with pain day after day is unacceptable, and we can often relieve your discomfort by addressing its source.

At his Houston office, Dr. Karotkin, focuses on relieving the negative consequences that we see in patients who suffer from this debilitating TMJ disorder. We are committed to helping you find the relief that you deserve.

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Understanding the TMJ Disorder: Ear Pain & Jaw Joint Pain

Your temporomandibular joint allows you to open and close your mouth, and you use it every time that you eat or talk. To locate it, put your finger on a spot right in front of your ear, and open your mouth wide. The TMJs are pivot points that receive a lot of stress. The joints and the muscles attached to them are in constant use. Stress increases with aggravation from clenching or grinding your teeth, a jaw injury or arthritis.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Your inherited bone structure is unique, and your symptoms may vary from those experienced by others who suffer from the TMJ/TMD. However, some symptoms that are common include these:

  • popping or clicking sounds in the joints
  • pain associated with biting or chewing
  • pain in the face, jaws, or temple
  • locking of the joints
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • tenderness around the joint
  • earache
  • ringing in the ear
  • headache
  • fatigue of the chewing muscles

All of the above tend to be at their worst during times of acute mental or emotional stress because that is when you grind and clench your teeth the most, especially while sleeping.

TMD Treatment

In many cases with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, the occlusion (the way the upper and lower teeth bite together) may contribute significantly to this pain and discomfort – this where we can help the most. If you have been told that orthodontists do not treat TMD, that is because most orthodontists are not trained in this highly complex area. Dr. Karotkin has undergone extensive education on the diagnosis and TMJ Disorder treatment and has a wealth of experience with TMD cases, making him the top provider in Houston TMJ care.

After talking with you about your symptoms and a thorough exam, Dr. Karotkin carefully devises a treatment plan that can provide lasting relief.

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