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Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics

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Advance Orthodontics offers a technique which combines a minor periodontal procedure with braces or Invisalign® to shorten treatment times by 50-75% for adult (i.e. full-grown) patients. For many patients, a case which would have taken between 18 and 30 months using traditional techniques can be completed in only 6 to 9 months.

Straighten Your Teeth Faster with Dr. Karotkin

This is not the procedure offered by most orthodontists and dentists who advertise short-term, fast, or 6-month braces.  Most practices advertising such a service simply place the braces (maybe only a limited set) and take them off after 6 months. The upper front teeth may look straight, but a full bite correction is rarely, if ever, achieved. Some of these systems also advocate excessive removal of enamel from the sides of the teeth to allow them to move faster. Furthermore, these techniques are marketed mostly to general dentists (as opposed to orthodontic specialists) and taught at weekend courses. Worst of all, the bite discrepancy may actually be worse after this type of treatment than it was before!

The technique we offer, on the other hand, is a method by which a full correction may be achieved more quickly than traditionally possible because the periodontal procedure utilized “frees” teeth to move 3 to 4 times faster in a healthy way.  You get the same quality result in a fraction of the time.

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