Invisalign® in Houston: Straighten Teeth Without Metal Braces

Invisalign® Looks the Best, Is the Most Innovative, and Can Work 2x As Fast as Traditional Braces

Invisalign® is a comfortable and easy way to straighten your teeth and correct your smile without the wires and brackets that go along with braces. It consists of a series of clear aligners that fit over the teeth and are easily removed whenever you want. This means your eating and oral hygiene habits are not affected. Don’t let the comfort of these clear plastic aligners be misleading—they have some serious strength. They can correct gapped teeth, overbites, underbites, open bites, overly crowded teeth and even crossbites. The best part? They’re practically invisible so no one will be the wiser as you perfect your pearly whites.

Advance Orthodontics Offers Invisalign® Braces in Houston, Texas

And why not trust your teeth to one of the most respected orthodontists in Houston, Texas? In addition to his orthodontic residency program having perhaps the most rigorous Invisalign® curriculum in the country, Dr. Karotkin also wrote his master’s thesis on advanced Invisalign® techniques. He is heavily involved in continuing education and attends Invisalign® Study Club meetings. Because of this expertise, Dr. Karotkin has been named among the few Preferred Invisalign providers in Houston, TX.

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Houston Invisalign TeenInvisalign Teen® is Perfect
for Busy Teenagers

With all of the school, sports and events that accompany teenage years, no one wants to deal with a mouth full of metal on top of that. Invisalign Teen® is perfect for teens because they’re comfortable, there are no eating restrictions—yay popcorn!—and they don’t get in the way of your social life. We also know that teens tend to lose things, so we give you six free replacement aligners in case some go missing. Think this may be the right fit for your smile? Visit our Invisalign Teen® page.

Try Invisalign Express® for a Quick Fix

If you have only a minor orthodontic issue, we have a great program for you: Invisalign Express®. It is a less expensive option than the “full” system for those patients requiring only minor tooth movement and bite correction. This option is ideal for those patients with slight gaps or crowding. The treatment consists of ten or fewer sets of aligners, each of which is worn for 2 weeks. In no time that pesky problem will be solved and your smile will be better than ever. Check out these actual results to see what Invisalign® can do.

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