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Advance Orthodontics Offers the Innovative OrthoCAD™ System

OrthoCADYou may remember seeing white plaster models of patients’ teeth in an orthodontist’s office in the past…but times have changed. With OrthoCAD™, instead of plaster models, the teeth are scanned into a computer using CAD/CAM technology, and a 3D model of the dental arches is used for analysis and treatment planning.

About OrthoCAD™

In the OrthoCAD™ process, braces are virtually placed on the 3D computer model of the teeth.  Custom trays are then manufactured to transfer the brackets to the patient’s mouth. This makes gluing the braces on faster, easier, and more accurate.  More accurate bracket placement means faster and more precise treatment results.

Houston’s Advance Orthodontics offers OrthoCAD™, the latest in oral technology. Come see your local Houston, Texas orthodontist team.

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