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Fun Summer Foods

Summer 2017 is just around the corner and once again, Advance Orthodontics is here to tell you about fun summer foods. Don’t let braces stop you from enjoying refreshing, delicious summer snacks.

The hot weather during summer makes us naturally reach for lighter foods. Plenty of these foods can keep you hydrated as well so you don’t have to stop the summer fun. But be careful about the foods that can get stuck in your teeth, or are too hard. Read on to see what fun foods are best for your braces.

We Recommend You Stick To…

Fruits like watermelon, grapes and berries are sweet and composed mostly of water. They’re easy on the teeth and a great alternative to processed treats—fruits are nature’s candy. Just make sure to cut up harder fruits like apples.

Chips, especially corn chips or hard taco shells, are a food you might want to avoid this summer if you’ve got metal in your mouth. In a similar vein, corn on the cob is better replaced by corn off the cob.

It might be tempting to chew on some ice to cool down, but try to resist the urge. Chewing ice is bad for teeth and worse for braces. Don’t break a bracket… let it melt!

What’s better than a fresh-scooped cone dripping stickily down your fist? Ice cream is the quintessential fun summer food. It’s cold and creamy and full of calcium that strengthens your teeth.

Soup? When the sun is blazing and everything in the distance wiggles like a mirage, how about a cold soup? Gazpacho is a Spanish tomato soup served cold. It’s a perfect refreshing meal for those lazy dog days and should pose no trouble to teeth, braces or not.

Advance Orthodontics hopes you have a great summer and remember to keep up with your visits. Are you new to orthodontic care? Contact us for a consultation today.