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The Truth About Tooth Obsession: USA vs. UK

obsessed with teeth

Tooth or False

It may not be the first thing you notice, but notice it you will. A bright white smile in perfect alignment sends a message: “I have my life together and you should too!” At least that’s what we’re sold. Pretty teeth equals a happy life, dinner dates, an amazing workout at the gym, endless social opportunities and no worries! Why ARE Americans so obsessed with teeth, and is this cultural adoration with the perfect smile unique to our country?

An Accent on Other Qualities?

On the other hand, British folks cop a rap for having anything but a gorgeous grin. Is there any truth to this? Asking a Brit to explain this myth can be quite entertaining. As they smile without showing even a mere hint of enamel, you might get a sincere answer but most likely a sarcastic one — like relying more on their sexy accents than straight teeth for curb appeal.

Getting Real

In America, the emphasis is on both color and alignment while avoiding the appearance of having dentures. The whiter, brighter and straighter, the better. For the British the “natural” look is sometimes preferred. Some equate this difference to conformity versus individualism; rigid versus free spirited. An interesting topic to chew on, one of the greatest cultural divides between Americans and Brits is indeed their different opinions and attitudes toward their teeth. All that being said, a smile is still universal and widely accepted in both locales!