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Famously Crooked Smiles: Celebs with Crooked Teeth

Celebrities today must project an air of perfection. There are tons of celebrities with horrible teeth that are crooked, gapped, etc. and even more who have had their smiles transformed by orthodontics and dentistry and made more beautiful.


1. Madonna
Madonna has had a gap between her two front teeth forever, but it would seem that in the past few years that space had gotten a little smaller. It’s likely that she had some dental work to reduce the size of the space since such imperfections do tend to grow over the years instead of shrink.


Keith Urban2. Keith Urban
As one of Australia’s most famous exports, singer Keith Urban sang for years with a large gap between his two front teeth. After he underwent a style makeover, however, he arrived on the scene without that trademark gap.



Katherine Heigl

3. Katherine Heigl
As an actress known for a beautiful smile, she surprised fans when she admitted to having some dental work. She had a tooth that twisted oddly in her mouth and decided to get it fixed by using Invisalign several years ago so her teeth would be absolutely perfect just in time for her wedding day.


Zac Efron

4. Zac Efron
Like many young actors today, Zac Efron had a giant gap in his teeth and decided to do something about it during the early years of his career before he had too many films under his belt.



5. Jewel
A gorgeous voice has always been joined by a truly terrifying set of teeth in Jewel’s mouth. When she decided to take an acting role as the late June Carter, she actually wore prosthetic teeth and didn’t get real dental work done to have them straightened.


Anna Paquin

6. Anna Paquin
Although many stars do tend to get their teeth issues repaired, Anna Paquin doesn’t seem to be interested in doing anything to her teeth except allow the gap between the two teeth in the front of her mouth to get bigger. The gap was quite small when she was a child, but it’s grown significantly in recent years.


Keira Knightly

7. Keira Knightly
Despite having quite an unruly mouth full of crooked teeth, the acting awards and accolades for Keira Knightly have rolled in for quite some time, and although she’s occasionally tried to hide her crooked teeth, her giant smile has made that rather difficult.


Matthew Lewis

8. Matthew Lewis
As a star with a set of what could probably be considered the most crooked teeth in Hollywood, actor Matthew Lewis, of “Harry Potter” fame, got a dramatic makeover for his teeth and went from a set of truly terrible teeth to a very nice and very straight set.


Gwen Stefani

9. Gwen Stefani
Most stars try to hide when they have some work done on their teeth and then seem to appear suddenly after a short absence from the limelight with a great set of teeth. Gwen Stefani didn’t follow that trend, however, and actually showed off her braces for photographs in the early days of No Doubt’s popularity.


50 Cent

10. 50 Cent
Popular rapper 50 Cent sang and acted for years with a pair of front teeth that were a little larger than the rest of his teeth, but after a fellow rapper made fun of him, he decided to get part of the problem fixed. Although he kept the gap in his teeth, the rapper did have their size modified to match the rest of his mouth.

There are also some famous cartoons who sported braces during their time on the small screen.