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Best Back to School Snacks!

Don’t let braces limit your snack ideas! Here are the best snacks you can pack for your kids with braces.

There are many benefits that children can reap from snacking. Not only are snacks a great way to curb hunger between meals, but healthy snacks can provide children with necessary nutrients. Lots of snacks aren’t the best for kids with braces. Fortunately, Advance Orthodontics has put together a couple of snacks your children are sure to enjoy in their lunch box!

citrus fruits1. Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines and lemons are great for children who have braces. They’re filled with Vitamin C and calcium. Citrus fruits are also soft and easy to chew, and not likely to get stuck between braces.
string cheese2. String Cheese
String cheese is filled with calcium that helps strength teeth. It is important to not that children who have braces are more prone to tooth decay. Getting the proper amounts of calcium can reduce risk and well, who doesn’t love cheese! Your kids will also have fun peeling string cheese.
greek yogurt3. Yogurt
Yogurt is another calcium-rich snack. It is also high in protein and helps supply the body with energy. Protein also rebuilds damaged muscles and tissues. For an even healthier choice, go for greek yogurt. Consider greek yogurt for more protein and less sugar than regular yogurt! Make it more fun by adding a couple pieces of soft fruit.
walnuts4. Walnuts
Most nuts are off-limits to children who have braces because they are hard to chew. However, walnuts are an exception. They are soft enough for children to chew without damaging their braces. Walnuts are also filled with protein and healthy fats. Try adding them to a yogurt snack too!
bananas5. Bananas
One of the reasons that bananas are a great snack for children with braces is because they are soft. Bananas are also rich in nutrients, such as fiber and potassium. Furthermore, because bananas are a source of natural sugar, they’re a great snack choice for children who like sweets.
whole wheat crackers6. Whole Wheat Crackers
Does your child prefer salty snacks? If they do, best to stay away from popcorn, hard pretzels and potato chips. Those types of snacks are not a good choice for braces. Consider whole wheat crackers. They are very high in fiber and go great with some cheese.
grapes7. Grapes
Grapes are among the healthiest snacks that one can eat. They are also a good choice for children with braces. Grapes have antioxidants that help support a healthy immune system.
applesauce8. Applesauce
Applesauce is another great selection for children who have a sweet tooth. Most of the health benefits of eating apples are the same with applesauce. Like apples, applesauce has Vitamin A, Vitamin C and fiber. Keep in mind that store-bought applesauce is typically high in sugar. Cut some of that sugar by making your own. Try putting unpeeled sliced apples in a food processor. Apple chunks should be cooked long enough to soften them. You can add a little bit of cinnamon and lemon juice to your applesauce for a little more flavor.

At Advance Orthodontics, healthy teeth and quality braces are priority. Pack these healthy, delicious snacks safe for braces for your children or you can even have them yourself! If you have any more questions on braces, check out our Houston Braces page. If you are interested in braces for yourself or your children, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Karotkin and get started today!