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How is AcceleDent® different from other Orthodontic Treatments?

Braces and other devices such as Invisalign® have been used to fix crooked teeth. While these options are extremely effective in straightening teeth and fixing bites, sometimes the patient wants to get their result quicker.


Fortunately for people with crooked teeth, a breakthrough in orthodontics has been invented. It is called AcceleDent®. This device has the ability to dramatically shorten the length of time it takes to straighten teeth. As you might imagine, this revolutionary technology has caused a great deal of excitement in the orthodontics community.

What is AcceleDent®?

AcceleDent® is a mouthpiece that vibrates in a specific way that increases the rate of tooth movement. It is used for 20 minutes per day, whether the patient is wearing traditional braces, clear braces, or Invisalign®. Not only does this device speed up the orthodontic treatment process, but it also reduces the soreness that is common with tooth movement.

How does it work?

AcceleDent® produces gentle vibrations that increase the rate of movement of teeth into their proper positions. It is a hands-free device that is simple for anybody to use. It uses cyclical pulses to increase the rate of bone metabolism in the areas surrounding the roots of the teeth. The faster the bone around the roots is able to change, the faster the teeth can move. The patient bites into the device and then is free to go about his or her daily activities for the 20 minutes it takes to use the AcceleDent® device.

Along with its ability to straighten teeth faster, AcceleDent® makes the teeth straightening process much more bearable for people. Patented “SoftPulse Technology” micropulses produce eight times less force than a standard electric toothbrush. These pulses actually decrease the soreness and discomfort experienced after an orthodontic “adjustment.”

Safe to use

AcceleDent® has been approved by the FDA, so patients can be sure that the technology is safe to use. Since it was first introduced in 2009, thousands of patients around the world have used AcceleDent®. It is only available by prescription from your dental professional (e.g. orthodontist!).

Additional information

So how much does AcceleDent® really reduce the time it takes to straighten someone’s teeth? Studies have shown that AcceleDent® can reduce a person’s time in treatment by as much as 30%. The device comes with a charging port, an activator and a shell designed to keep it sanitary and safe when you carry it with you.