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Your Smile Matters

The Power of a Smile Should Never Be Underestimated

bracesDid you know that in your toothy, uninhibited smile, you hold the power to make incredibly dramatic and positive changes in your life? This one simple gesture can help you in so many ways, it would take more than two hands to list them all. From subtle differences to huge, life-altering consequences, your smile could help you land the future you’ve been dreaming of!

Non-tangible Benefits of Smiling

Even if you can’t physically touch it, the difference in the confidence you’ll experience just as a result of routinely flashing your pearly whites – up to an 80% boost! – might come as a real shocker. Notice the interactions you’ll begin sharing with people, even strangers, when you begin smiling outwardly, intentionally. A smile makes you magnetic.job

Boost Your Career

It has been proven in countless studies that the friendly act of smiling can improve your chances of being offered the job. By grinning, you show employers that you are friendly and approachable, and likely open to new suggestions. They will be more inclined to see you as a great fit and asset to their company.

Attract a Potential Life Partner

Just as a great smile can make you more popular around the office, it can also help in your search for a mate. By offering up an open and unassuming smile, you give off the vibe that you are confident yet fun and easy-going, and your chances of being approached by new prospects increase by almost ten-fold. Self-confidence and happiness in another person are two universally attractive qualities in a mate.

Orthodontics, Another Reason to Flash Your Smile

We understand that not everyone is blessed with a beautiful smile from birth, but at Advance Orthodontics we help mold people’s smiles so they can realize their full potential. We provide traditional braces, Invisalign and more. Having the smile you’ve always wanted is only a consultation away!