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Will Insurance Cover The Cost of My Orthodontic Treatment?

The vast majority of people will need some type of orthodontic treatment in their lifetime. The average cost of orthodontic treatment can vary greatly. Dental insurance can reduce the cost of treatment; however, it is important to note that some insurance plans do not cover orthodontic treatment. Patients should never assume that they are covered just because they have dental insurance. It is wise to check with one’s provider first.

People who do have insurance should be cognizant of the fact that most insurance plans that include orthodontic benefits have a lifetime maximum benefit of between $1000 and $3000.  The patient must cover the remainder of the cost for treatment.  Some plans also include age limits for the party receiving the treatment (often age 19).

Also note that most orthodontic treatments are paid for over time, according to a payment plan that is set up before treatment begins.  Think of this as “in-house financing.”  Typically, the payments are spread out over the length of the treatment.

For those who need even more flexible options (now rare, considering the flexible options offered with in-house financing), there are third party credit providers who will make loans for “medical purposes.”  The approval process is very similar to getting a personal loan or credit card.