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Rainbow Grilled Cheese, Yum or Yuk?

Have you ever seen a rainbow and thought “that looks delicious?” Restaurant owners in Hong Kong are hoping you have. Kala Toast, the latest internet food sensation, is a grilled cheese sandwich with a twist: the cheese is a flowing mass of rainbow awesomeness. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either grilled cheese sandwiches or rainbows, but are the two meant to be together?

@hkfoodiexblogger / instagram.com

In order to achieve the desired rainbow effect the cheese is mixed with various colorful ingredients which means that every cheese will have a slightly different taste. The purple cheese is mixed with lavender, the green is mixed with basil, and tomatoes are used to create the red cheese. Basil and tomatoes are a flavor combination as old as time but consuming lavender has probably not crossed anyone’s mind in the history of culinary culture.

The Kala toast has certainly received mixed reviews. While everyone likes the aesthetic appeal of eating a rainbow, the flavor itself has been seen as off putting for many. With all of the popularity that this sandwich has garnered through viral videos and blog posts, it will without a doubt be made somewhere near you in the not too distant future.

The important question is, when you see that culinary rainbow, are you going to try it?

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