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Buyers Beware: Choosing the Right Orthodontist

A young woman in Canada named Alec Stephen recently had some unfortunate orthodontic luck. Wanting to improve the appearance of her teeth, she consulted with an orthodontist. When she later went to visit her dentist, he told her that he would be able to take care of her problems for a lower price than the orthodontist.

After taking her dentist up on the bargain and wearing braces for 18 months, Stephen felt that her teeth looked worse than they did before she had braces. Her teeth had wider gaps and her overbite was more pronounced.

Orthodontists are trained specialists.  Unlike general dentists, they spend two to three more years in residency after dental school receiving specialty training. This higher degree of education allows orthodontists to better identify and treat situations that require tooth movements and some other problems with the teeth and jaws. While dentists take basic orthodontic courses during dental school, they do not have the expertise of orthodontic specialists. Dentists can take continuing education courses on various orthodontic topics, but some organizations that sponsor these courses may grant a “certificate” or other official-sounding document after as little as two days of training.

While some dentists do practice orthodontics, it is still the responsibility of the dentist to make sure that their patients know the level of training and expertise they have in the area. The patients should also make sure to ask questions and do extensive research of orthodontic treatments offered before choosing to let someone alter their smile. They should also inquire of any financial and insurance dental options offered.

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