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Believing in Tooth Fairies

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Magic is the currency of childhood. To believe in elves, goblins, trolls and fairies is one of the pleasures of being little. Some spirits are dark and scary and help kids face their subconscious fears while others are light and sily and bringers of good fortune. The Tooth Fairy is one good sprite.

She (74% of people think the tooth fairy is female) is small, angelic, with wings of gossamer. She is so light on her feet and nimble of finger, that she can slip into your room as you sleep, find your precious tooth under your pillow and take it, without you knowing a thing. And in the tooth’s place she leaves you riches!

For many of us, that meant a shiny quarter under our pillow when we woke in the morning. Very exciting! These days, I hear inflation has hit the Tooth Fairy business and kids are getting more for a tooth!

The earliest recorded legend of the tooth fairy comes from the Norse and Northern European people of the 13th century. In Spain the Perez Mouse is a figure similar to the tooth fairy, originating in Madrid in the 1890s. In Italy she is also replaced by a small mouse named, Toponino.

Did you believe in an angelic fairy flying into your room? A mouse scurrying under your pillow? Tell us!