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Now Offering Virtual Orthodontic Consultations

Due to recent developments related to COVID-19, we are offering some new options for both new and existing patients.

To Our Existing Patients:

Most you have active orthodontic appliances in your mouths. As you know, we must check and adjust things regularly to make your treatment is progressing along according to plan and not causing any unwanted effects! If your next visit has been significantly delayed due to the COVID-19 shutdown, or if you simply have a question about your treatment, please use the instructions below to send us some pictures, and we’ll get right back to you (free of charge).

To New (Prospective) Patients:

If you’ve decided it’s time for orthodontic treatment for you or your child, we will be happy to set up an online video conference, free of charge.  This will give us a chance to meet you, answer your questions, and have a general discussion about orthodontic treatment options.

Please note that there are certain things that cannot be done based solely on a “virtual consultation,” for both practical and legal reasons.  In order for us to provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan, we will schedule you for an in-person new-patient exam in our office.  This will allow us to get your treatment started after the COVID-19 shutdown is over!

How It Works

The process is fast and easy! Simply follow these steps:

Step 1:  Upload a couple of smiling photos using our digital service below:
Upload My Photos

Step 2: We’ll review your photos and send you information via email or text message.


We take your privacy seriously.  Rest assured that all the tools we use to communicate with you online are encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

Try Our Virtual Consultation Today!

We strive to make your orthodontic treatment process be as simple as possible. Please contact us if you have any questions, and give our virtual consultation a try today!

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