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Newest OrthoPulse® Treatment Provider in Houston, TX

OrthoPulse® devices are now available in Houston at Advance Orthodontics.

OrthoPulse® has developed a new technology that is a breakthrough in the field of orthodontics. People of any age who have problems with crowded or crooked teeth, gaps, underbites, overbites, and jaw disorders may need treatment. Orthodontic work is often done for cosmetic purposes, but misaligned teeth and jaw can lead to health concerns.

Advance Orthodontics is one of the first providers in Houston. Explore your orthodontic options, OrthoPulse® may be right for you!

Discover OrthoPulse® in Houston

Everyone wants their orthodontic treatment to go faster. They look forward to the day they get their braces off or can stop wearing their clear aligners. OrthoPulse® is a device that uses light energy to expedite the process. It works by stimulating the bones that surround the roots of the teeth. The OrthoPulse® works with both clear aligners and braces and is approved by the FDA. The reduction in treatment time has made this product gain great popularity.

Science Lesson

The energy of the OrthoPulse® light is transmitted into the cells and transformed into chemical ATP energy. This is what causes the teeth to move faster than ever before. It is safe to use and only takes a few minutes each day to see results.

The Device

The device is designed for comfort. It has a soft medical grade silicone mouthpiece that fits any size mouth. Inside the device, the LED infrared light array is operated by a self-timed accelerometer. The device need only be worn 10 minutes per day to achieve full effectiveness.


The portable nature of the device allows users to take it with them wherever they go. The case is made to fit into a backpack, handbag, or luggage. It is important to stick to the daily schedule, even when away from home, to further accelerate tooth movement.

Advance Orthodontics, Changing Orthodontics with OrthoPulse® in Houston

Patients around the world are using the OrthoPulse® to decrease their time spent wearing braces. Now, OrthoPulse® is available in Houston from Advance Orthodontics. It is a light accelerated orthodontic device that is helping people have happier, healthier, and more beautiful smiles. Patients experience less pain and are able to achieve their goals faster than ever before. This exciting new product is making a statement, decreasing pain and speeding up the process. This is a chance to get out of those braces and get on with life quicker! Visit our office today and ask about OrthoPulse® treatments for you.