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Why is Invisalign® Great for Teens?

There are so many great reasons why Invisalign® Teen is the perfect choice for young adults. Invisalign® braces require fewer restrictions on the wearer. Invisalign® is also so much more comfortable than orthodontic braces and also safer for active teens (think contact and ball sports).

Why is Invisalign® Great for Teens?

• Big Smiles for School Pictures
• Fewer Restrictions and Maintenance
• Increased Level of Comfort
• Safe for Active Teens

Big Smiles for School Pictures

Few things are more important than a bright smile. Teenagers who wear braces are a lot less likely to smile big for photographs. Additionally, Invisalign® braces are virtually undetectable. Teenagers can smile proudly in their school pictures. There is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed when wearing Invisalign®. Teenagers have enough embarrassing things to worry about as it is!

Fewer Restrictions and Maintenance

Traditional braces put a lot of restrictions and limitations on wearers. There are so many foods that traditional brace-wearers just can’t eat. There is also a lot of maintenance involved braces too. Invisalign® is incredibly low-maintenance and don’t put a lot of restrictions on the wearers. The aligners can easily be popped out for meals and put back in after.

Increased Level of Comfort

Invisalign® is so much more comfortable than metal braces. Metal braces can actually cut the delicate tissue inside of the mouth. Invisalign® offers wearers gradual changes over time instead of the traditional “adjustment” visits necessary with braces.

Safe for Active Teens

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Teenagers can be incredibly active. Many teenagers participate in some kind of sport too. Traditional braces and contact sports don’t mix. With traditional metal braces, even a light hit in a friendly game of touch football can lead to a split lip or loose bracket. Invisalign® aligners don’t have any sharp points or wires to hurt active teens.

There are so many fantastic reasons why Invisalign® braces are great for teenagers. What is more important than self-esteem during this difficult and tumultuous time? Teenagers need every advantage they can get. They won’t have to dread annual school pictures, and they will love how comfortable Invisalign® aligners are. Teenagers who wear Invisalign® have the freedom to eat their favorite foods, and the treatments usually don’t take any longer than they would with regular braces.

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