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AcceleDent™ in Houston by Advance Orthodontics

AcceleDent™ is an exciting new technology that can reduce the duration of orthodontic treatments. Dr. Karotkin is among the first orthodontists in the United States to offer this cutting edge treatment. If you are interested in AcceleDent™ in Houston TX, Advance Orthodontics is the premier provider.

How AcceleDent™ Works

The AcceleDent™ System works by emitting small vibrations called micropulses. These micropulses stimulate bone remodeling and tooth movement, dramatically speeding up treatment with braces, Invisalign®, or other orthodontic appliances. Similar micropulse technology has been in use for years to help broken bones heal and regenerate.

Each patient takes an AcceleDent™ appliance home for daily use. It requires only twenty minutes per day, during which patients have their hands free to read, text, or browse the web.

The AcceleDent™ System consists of four parts: Activator, Mouthpiece, Charging Port, and Travel Shell. The activator is a lightweight device that generates micropulses. A mouthpiece is chosen for each patient with fit and efficacy in mind. The charging port helps track your progress while recharging your device. For convenience, we also provide a travel shell, making it easy to keep up with your treatments no matter where you are.

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Comfort and Efficacy with Advance Orthodontics’ AcceleDent™

In clinical trials, AcceleDent™ is has been shown not to cause discomfort or additional tooth soreness. In fact, it reduces the amount of time that the teeth are sore after each orthodontic adjustment. AcceleDent™ is approved by the FDA as a Class II medical device. Dr. Karotkin and his team at Advance Orthodontics in Houston, TX can help you determine if AcceleDent™ is the perfect treatment for you. Contact us today for a consultation.